Technologies Under Development

Natural Power Concepts has over 30 domestic and international patents approved or pending. We are constantly developing new technologies that are not yet ready for public viewing due to Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

NPC is also working on a new form of energy generation, transport and storage through the use of pressurized air, and a  proprietary piping valve and heating system that turns the grid itself into a giant battery.

Aside from capturing naturally occurring energy in and around populated areas to meet human power consumption needs, NPC is also diligently exploring technologies to harvest energy from the most remote and extreme high-energy regions of the world. These remote areas offer abundant high winds and rough seas year-round and could become the next “Saudi Arabia” of clean, natural energy for the production of Hydrogen.

If you are a government entity, public utility or an investor and would like to see a full compliment of NPC technologies please contact us directly.